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Africa Heart Beat is a 23,000 kilometer, eight month long journey from South Africa, north to Europe visiting and writing about ordinary people who came to Africa to do extraordinary things.

Many stories worth telling go untold. Many lessons we should be learning go unlearned. In a spirit that "a man's grasp should always be slightly shorter than his reach," I hope to have told a few of these stories.  

Amongst other things, I wanted to raise knowledge and awareness of ‘Riders for Health,’ an organization providing two wheel transport to doctors in rural Zambia, Swaziland, Gambia. My hope was to find out why people do projects in Africa and how these project include diversity in organizations and individuals.

Project Mission:

  • Bring awareness of ordinary people doing extraordinary things in Africa.
  • Inspire readers to: help, participate, or undertake journeys on roads less traveled.
  • Learn and educate about the realities of living in multi-cultural, multi-religious societies.
  • Bring hope and support to those creating and participating in those projects.
  • Increase knowledge of issues in Africa.
  • Dispersing myths about Africa and share a common experience.

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